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Jamison Wieser

User Experience Designer

Jamison Wieser is a seasoned user experience designer with over 20 years of experience. He’s worked in all phases of the design process from start to finish across a wide range of industries.

Generating design concepts and evolving them into completed wireframes/schematics and working prototypes is Jamison's design superpower. He excels at working closely with team members and clients to collaborate during all phases of the design process.

He’s worked on all aspects of the user research process: from usability tests to customer interviews, evaluation of the result, and the presentation of the findings. He collaborates with the product team, engineers, developers, and marketing to ensure sure the project will not just check off the objectives and requirements, but truly meets the needs and capabilities of the end-user.

In addition to UX design, Jamison also brings a level of visual design polish to his deliverables.


1 (831) 295-3681